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Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Anubis Protection Service was born with the aim of offering a quality service, focused on the protection and security of the client.

All our staff is highly trained to prevent, in the first place, all kinds of risky situations, but always ready to respond in case it occurs.

Any movement from point A to point B is always safer accompanied by Anubis.



Protection Service

✔ Close personal, executive (EP), corporate VIP and celebrity protection.

✔ Protection movements and armed escorts with recognition and authorization of routes and places.

✔ Protection against high threats for dignitaries.

✔ Escort and/or transport of armed vehicles.


Security Service

✔ Uniformed security officers (armed/unarmed) highly trained according to local laws.

✔ Plainclothes security officers for a low-key security presence.

✔ Security consulting and risk assessments with needs analysis and/or security program and recommendations.

✔ Security services for events such as conventions, meetings, corporate and social events.

Security is not a game!

Put your security and protection in expert hands.

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Ramón Jiménez



Jorge Luis Serra

General Director

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